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A new experimental Cheap RuneScape Gold version launched today, and it comes in the form of DarkScape. DarkScape is playable for free, and it’s a new twist on RuneScape as it throws the game into chaos, giving players free reign for intense combat and ruthless trade wars. DarkScape takes RuneScape’s wealth of content and changes the fundamental rules to create a whole new experience that isn’t possible in RuneScape itself. DarkScape encourages emergent gameplay of the most devious kind. Have you ever dreamed of forming a roaming clan of bandits? Then DarkScape is the place to do it!


As their launch campaign suggests, you can become a runite tycoon or form a roving clan of bandits. The most important aspect of this is the players as the updates to Darkscape will be shaped around how the players interact in the world. Players can use existing accounts to log into DarkScape. While most content is free to all players,Buy  RuneScape Gold members will get extra benefits to help with quicker game progression. New economy added in which high, medium and low quality items need to be well protected. The world is split up into low, medium and high risk areas with each area containing a variation of loot, traders and higher level players. This game truly sounds incredible, Take Iron-man mode and mix in regular mode – this fits nicely in the middle.


You will keep your same logging just create a new character just like in Iron-man, so unfortunately no head start for you veterans. Everybody knows that the live game has been rapidly going downhill for years. Most people who play don’t really enjoy it anymore, but they can’t bring themselves to quit or give up all their progress. They cling to the memory of how it used to be fun. The game in its current state, however, is an abomination. Even all of the famous youtubers and streamers that once played RS3 have switched over to OSRS because they said they weren’t enjoying RS3 at all anymore (even though they’re getting paid to play a video game).


Old School Runescape is really for the people that played back in 2007. I personally play this version a lot more then I do RS3. When you go to Old School it is like making a new character. You will have to reset on that version and work your way back up. It really brings back memories when you create your character and work your way back up. Especially if you played back in 2007. this version of Runescape I believe is a bit harder to level up in and does take a lot of time and patience. Items are harder to find without a General Exchange (GE) and when you do find your item the other player might be over charging it if they know it is hard to find. The monsters and skills are all back to the way they use to be back in the day. PVP is pretty big in the Old School Runescape. A lot of people like to fight each other in the wild and try to loot graves.


James Sweatman, lead designer on the game, said, “We’ve been quietly developing Chronicle: RuneScape Legends since the start of the year to ensure that it’s not only a fun and compelling player experience, but one still very much interwoven into the rich lore of RuneScape. We’re looking forward to sharing more information on the game over the coming months, especially in regards to Chronicle’s debut on tablet and mobile!”


Overall Old School Runescape is really a way to relive your childhood or relive memories you had when first playing back in the day. But even if you are brand new it is a good way to see how Runescape use to be and how it was played. There are also hundreds of long and (somewhat annoying) quests in Runescape, they’re great if you’re somebody who really likes the story of the game. But they can be pretty difficult sometimes, and have some pretty high skill requirements. But the rewards are usually freaking awesome. So from 2001 to 2013, Runescape has been a successful browser-based game, and if you haven’t checked it out by now you definitely should.


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