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In FIFA 16, FIFA has extended extra measures of control over both dribbling and passing. Smacking one into the back of the net has rarely been so gratifying. But if you don’t know how to pass accuracy in FIFA 16, you couldn’t enjoy the game! fifa 16 coins Now we sum up some tips to help your passing skill! The key to unlocking defenses and keeping possession is to mix up your passing game to pull teams out of shape. Now that AI-controlled players work harder to maintain their shape, exclusive use of basic short passes (X button/A button) will lead to one-dimensional build-up play. Though it takes a bit of practice, use of short through-balls (triangle button/Y button) to roll the ball into space ahead of a nearby team-mate, can enable you to open up new angles for subsequent passes.

This year’s FIFA is more measured and methodical, scaling back the importance of pace and power to a fault. Matches can be tentative tete-a-tetes, with scrappy midfield battles replacing zipped through balls and the domination of sprinting powerhouses like Cristiano Ronaldo. Now FIFA favors recycled possession, smart passing and angled runs. The drawback for FIFA in downplaying physical attributes and offering the player more control in certain areas is that it’s more obvious when the game makes any artificial intervention.

Defenders are definitely given some unnatural help, firstly in matching attackers regardless of individual skills but more potently when dealing with crosses. Balls whipped in end up on a defender’s suspiciously more often than not, and if the supernaturally unflappable goalkeepers leave their line you can forget it. They won’t miss. I’ve seen their ‘punch from the penalty spot’ animation more times than I care to mention. You want to score from the wings? Zip it along the ground.

This time, though, they’re not centred on one or two targeted areas of the simulation. “We took a step back this year,” says Channon. “We got to a stage with FIFA 16 where things were a little bit unbalanced. We felt we had really good technology and lots of good systems, but we wanted to improve them all. We literally looked at the whole game, we looked at how to improve shooting, passing, everything.”

To enable this, FIFA has extended extra measures of control over both dribbling and passing. Squeeze LT/L1 and you can maneuver your player around the ball without touching it, shielding possession or selling the opposition a dummy. You can’t just slam the sprint button and whizz past an opposing full-back, you need to use pitch smartly, changing pace and knocking the ball into open space. Press RB/R1 while passing, meanwhile, and you’ll deliver a quicker ‘bullet pass’, zipping the ball along the turf. This has the advantage of stretching play quickly, or catching defenders unaware. fifa 16 points The drawback is that it’s much easier, the ball bobbling off unprepared feet.

You’d better try and focus on being really patient while moving the ball. Not every pass has to be played forwards, giving it back to the centre halves is a viable option as it forces the other team to push up the field, creating more space behind the lines of defense. Wait for the right opportunity to attack the opposition goal. FIFA 16, as a whole, feels like a new foundation for the series. It takes a little readjustment and not everything is quite in place yet, the lack of tactical difference and the clear scripting are stark in comparison to PES 2016’s on-field excellence, but its action feels fresher and built for further improvement. And the work off the pitch remains exceptional. It’s a grand old time to be a fan of video game football.

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