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The FIFA 16 Ultimate Team store menus were finalized before Microsoft changed from Microsoft Points to real currency in their stores. That is why FIFA fans will see Microsoft Points instead of real currency in the FUT menu. The final price listed in the Xbox Live Marketplace during check-out is accurate and the Microsoft Point totals in the FIFA Ultimate Team menus will be changed to reflect those prices.

We are excited to bring the FIFA Points currency to consoles in FIFA 16: Ultimate Team. fifa 16 coins We initially introduced this currency for PC users in Ultimate Team 12, and believe it’s a big win for our fans for FIFA 16, in many ways. So starting with FIFA , packs in Ultimate Team will now be purchased with either coins or FIFA Points. FIFA Points are sold in bundles and can be purchased in the Ultimate Team console store with Microsoft Points or your PSN Wallet.

Why have we made the switch to FIFA Points? Here are three great reasons. They simplify the purchase process for users who buy multiple packs. In FIFA 12 Ultimate Team, users had to click through two or three Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN menu windows every time they purchased a single pack. Since FIFA Points are directly tied to the Ultimate Team ecosystem, you can buy multiple packs with a FIFA Point bundle faster and more efficiently. Based on fan feedback, we know that you want the ability to purchase Packs on the Ultimate Team Web App, but that wasn’t possible in Ultimate Team 12. FIFA Points solves this issue: after buying FIFA Points on your console with your respective currency, they will be available to spend in the Web App and future extensions of the Ultimate Team ecosystem.

We think the new FIFA Points currency is a fantastic addition to FIFA 16! Not only will it improve the flow of FUT 16 pack purchases, it was also allow for Web App pack purchases and enable FUTers to receive bulk discounts on larger purchases! Instead of Microsoft points, Ultimate Team packs will now be purchased with FIFA Points or coins. (FIFA Points can be purchased in the Ultimate Team console store with Microsoft Points or your PSN Wallet). No longer will you have to click through multiple Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN windows when you purchase a single pack! You can buy Ultimate Team packs with FIFA Point bundles much more efficiently.

FIFA Points are sold in bundles. They can be purchased in console’s Ultimate Team store. It is not possible to buy FIFA Points through the FUT 14 Web App, except for PC users. In order to buy FIFA Points, you will need to have Microsoft or Play station currencies. Pay attention Microsoft Points are being retired, and transactions on Xbox are taking place using your local currency instead of Microsoft Point. You can learn more about it HERE.

After buying FIFA Points on the console with the respective currency, buy fifa points they will be available to spend in all Ultimate Team ecosystem, which includes the console, the FUT 14 Web App and companion app (for IOS and Android devices). If you are a Season Ticket subscriber, your 20% discount is automatically applied to the price of FIFA Point bundles.

FIFA Points have another advantage: Bulk Discounts. Purchasing larger FIFA Point bundles gives you a bigger discount and more bonus points. This offers great value to users who buy several packs in Ultimate Team. For example: buying a 2,000 FIFA Point bundle will give you 200 bonus FIFA Points, which is enough to buy two extra Gold packs.

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